Wednesday, August 27, 2014

President Obama's Administration Implements a New Crisis Process

After six years of running the US internal and external government offices President Obama has come decided on a new action plan that all agencies will follow.


This is a checklist all agencies and spokespeople will follow when anything happens. To easily remember it they invented a catchy acronym in order for people to remember it.


When anything expected or unexpected occurs they must follow this plan:


Blink - when something occurs blink to show surprise that this happened and to prove that this occurrence was so totally unexpected that no one could have ever foreseen this.


Listen - Have everyone explain to you their views. Listening requires no action and the administration can show concern without having to make any decisions or implement any actions to which they could be held accountable for later on.


Act - create a commission or a study group to find out more details and report back in 6 months to a year. Thus you show that you are doing something but without really having to do anything.


Memorize - all the talking points that were created after the event occurs to reiterate your position and actions that you have done (see above).


Explain - that you need to proceed slowly and deliberately after extensive consulting with everyone before you implement the plan that you already have pre-determined to follow. Remember to bring up past people / administrations who did faced with the same problem went wrong by not following these new processes.


It is better known by the acronym: BLAME



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