Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State Of the Union and the Forever US Postage Stamp

I think one simple and effective, yet somewhat subtle way, to state whether you believe in what President Obama is doing, and the direction and philosophy  that he and the Democrat Party is taking the USA, is to use the US Postal “Forever” stamp of the US flag and put it on upside down on any letters that you send – ESPECIALLY to Congress.


And if you purchase the Congressional Medal of Honor stamps, then put them on upside down also.


It is a seldom known fact that raising a flag upside down means that the person is in distress and needs help – used especially on ships at sea. The pattern of the flag can be discerned at longer distances than people or other objects.


Thus, putting on a US Flag upside down on all envelopes you send allows people to see that you think the USA is in distress and needs help  - and not buy the current Executive Branch leaders.


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