Thursday, February 19, 2015

Federal Employees and the Improving Economy ? How to Leave out facts in Reporting Statistics

I really like statistics. If was one of the most fun courses that I took in college – they taught not only practical statistics but they also taught how to create surveys to “push poll” questions and how to report accurately but present false conclusions truthfully. The professor taught how all of us to look at the data gathered, how it was gathered, then analyzed in order to ensure what was reported is indeed accurate and not manipulated to create what was wanted. He taught us to always question statistics.


This critical thinking about statistics is no longer taught.


It is certainly NOT taught to “reporters” who never question statistics when presented to them – except when it conflicts with their OWN ideas. This is a common problem to all reporters – they only report what they like and never report items that conflict with their own pre-conceived ideas.


Every time I see an article about how the economy is improving, or that NEW unemployment claims are down – I question how those facts are reported – by what every reporter ALWAYS leaves of out the report in order to ensure that the date is NOT put in perspective.


If less people are applying for unemployment does that REALLY mean people are being hired or that all the people who could be easily fired have already been fired and now they are removing people who they tried to keep?


If 280,000 people applied THIS WEEK for 1st TIME unemployment – is that the “normal” churn for a workforce of 105 million people? This translates to a stat that 14 and half million people are normally fired ever year.


When they report total unemployment claims are down – how much of that is because people have run out of their 2 ½ years of being on unemployment?


It’s like being a Federal Employee – yet not. The total OFFICAL FEDERAL employment is around 2.1 million people (not counting military). But there are 4 ½ MILLION people who work under contract to the Federal Government – yet they are NOT counted as employees – they are CONTRACTED through service agreements so they never show up as part of the Federal Workforce that is reported – ever. And some of those 4 ½ million are dedicated to building things – like aircraft and tanks – through a service contract to get them built but do not show up as part of any workforce report. Reporters NEVER mention or even question these facts when talking about the size of the Federal Government – purposely distorting  the facts to present a false picture.


It’s like when any President states that to cut the size of the Federal Deficit they will not be giving a pay raise to the real Federal Employees – saving $50 billion a year. But then spends 700,000,000 BILLION a year extra for 5 years to stimulate the economy – to companies and people he likes – just not to the Federal Employees (and both Republican and Democrat presidents have done this).


Way back in 2009 my own Federal taxes that was taken out of my paycheck, every two weeks,  was $516.00. In 2015 with the same paycheck the taxes are $662 a paycheck. Up $3,796 a year.


My health insurance in 2009 was $178 a paycheck. Now it is  $252  a paycheck. Up $1,924 a year since 2009.


My property taxes in 2009 was $2,200, today $4,600 a year. Up $2,400 a year.

And yet every speech presented by the President and others in the administration state inflation is in check prices have not gone up.


Those few basic expenses means that I have to spend $8,120 more a year now than in 2009.


My Federal pay had an increase of $3,364 since 2009. There were three years in which all Federal employees got no raise (contractors did get raises via the “services” contracts they are under of 2 to 3%).


This means that I, a typical Federal Employee, am down $4,756 in income BELOW what inflation REALLY IS – and I have not accounted for the price increases in everything else. Overall I am likely taking home $14,000 less in “earning power” than before this President got into office.


And yet reporters and dutifully report that all Americans are better off today than before he was in the White House.


Reporters never report facts that conflict with this administration.










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