Monday, September 12, 2016

IP 27 turns into Initiative 97 - Different name same Falsehoods

The State of Oregon, under firm Democrat Control, has published the official and mis-leading and at times blatantly false summary of Initiative  97.


It states that the money raised WILL go to schools - and the State's lawyers have already stated that it cannot be forced to spend it on schools - the Legislature can spend it any way it wants to.


The people for it are telling people that each of the (initial) 1,000 corporations MUST be forced to pay for the services that Oregon wants to provide to the PEOPLE. WHEN did this idea occur that Corporations are OBLIGATED to support INDIVIDUALS in any state?  Are corporations going to get unemployment insurance when they go out of business? Do all the shareholders get paid based on past income for 3 years like people do? Do they now get disability insurance when a government shuts them down?


Our nation was founded on "We The People" not "You The East Indian Company" - people are taxed to support people under the idea those that make more will be taxed more to support the common good. But the State has now come to the conclusion that it will tax people more, then "means test" them to ensure that they cannot get any benefit for which they are taxed so that people who cannot, or will not, can be supported by those that can. Is that fair? This is a tax on companies that follow the rules and are successful and thus are being punished for it - and like any normal business will pass on the costs to consumers - or go out of business.


(Some businesses will become creative and create loads of shell companies that own items to create legal companies that fall below the $25 million income threshold, and so avoid the tax I am sure - I would. But if you could spent $10 million a year to avoid paying a billion you would - at least that expense can be easily passed on than a billion dollars.)


Think about it: if the State decided to tax each person an additional 20% surtax on your income would you just quietly say well those other people need the money more than me and I will just cut back on everything and also give up vacations, fancy dinners out, ever buying a new car again,  since others need my money more than I do? No, you would not. Which is why they are taxing companies that are EASILY outvoted in a "popular" referendum method where almost none of the owners have ANY say in the voting and the true cost is hidden within the total supply chain.


Look at why cities impose payroll taxes on companies - if they refuse to pay the city comes in with police, throw the owner(s) in jail, seize the business and all the money and assets for not paying a payroll tax - one person owning a company cannot fight the whole might and legal resources of a government - and the government knows it - when the rules are written FOR the government - we never had a say in how the rules were written.


A simple example: Car dealerships. Since there are very few small lots, 90% of the dealers will be taxed. They do not have that much profit margin on new cars right now, so you can be sure the price will go up at least 2.5% - so your current $18,000 low end car will go up no less than $450. But since they also have maintenance shops and other support, and they are lumped in together, all that too will go up. They are the most simple - factory to dealer. Gasoline though, goes through 3 hands and so it is COMPOUNDED increase, more like 8.5% - so per gallon will go up no less than 22 cents a gallon - so you get to spend $200 more a year on gas (most people use 1,000 gallons a year).


Governments ALWAYS try to tax business to pay for thing that an INDIVIDUAL would never want to pay - since businesses do not have enough people to outvote anything when the Government says it is taxing "someone else" and not you.


And if you think that corporations are NOT paying their share - please ask how much property tax, inventory tax, Social Security taxes, payroll taxes, and how much income taxes THEIR EMPLOYEEES are paying into the state - then how much income taxes the shareholders are paying. They ARE paying taxes - the State of Oregon just not want you to know that.



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