Tuesday, December 06, 2016

One Promise President Obama Kept

During his initial 2008 campaign he offered vague sayings of "Hope and Change" to people - without any direct or detailed policy or regulations that he was going to put in place to go with his campaign slogan.  During the just completed past 2016 elections the Democrats constantly stated the President elect Trump, and the other Republican candidates, had no details at all - but they conveniently forgot that President Obama made vague statements and campaigned on in 2008, and to a large extent 2012, but since he was a Democrat that was okay by them and the National Press.


But one of the main themes that President Obama stated as a goal in 2008 was that he wanted to fundamentally transform the USA into a different nation. He did accomplish that.


The day after the 2016 polls closed we had protests and riots over the outcome of the election, like they do after most 3rd world country elections. The outgoing elected officials are pushing through rules and regulations that they want to put in place to benefit their supporters bypassing all the normal processes - issuing decrees in effect. Publishing rules in the Federal Register that the vast majority of people do not want knowing that it will take years to roll them back though the PROPER process. If President Trump uses the SAME process that President Obama has over the past 8 year. the press and the Democrats will scream and bring the government to a halt since he is not following the "proper" process - even through President Obama did not - but since he is a Democrat doing that for "the greater good" that is okay to break all constitutional rules - but not when someone else does it for the "greater good."


So, in effect, President Obama has taken us down to a nice 3rd world mentality of process and reward by teaching people that when you vote you can riot and protest since it did not turn out the way you expected it too. So of course you were "robbed" of the outcome you wanted.


They did that in 2000, now again in 2016. If Hillary Clinton had won the election the USA would certainly be, after at least 4 years, been downgraded to a true 3rd world nation in how we act and re-act on the world stage and we would be going to the UN for approval for everything as we would in effect become a vassal state to the UN.


The treaties that Hillary Rodham Clinton  would have been signed, and since treaties creates laws and rules that are above the Constitution, would have ensured that lots of our rights would be nullified because she, and President Obama, really do not like most of the rights we have since those rights are really against most Socialist ideas. Once a TREATY is signed, unless there is a clause allowing us out of the treaty, nothing could have been done about it.


The modern Democrat party likes the UN since anything done there, where most nations are not a republic, and where the UN is a “democratic” body where popular vote rules (unless vetoed by one the 7 on the security council), any popular vote can  take away citizen rights in the US or other nation by treaty. Treaties can eliminate laws and safeguards within our Constitution by forcing the Federal Government to wipe out all existing laws, which would ensure that the USA can become more like a socialist state controlling all aspects of a person life in the USA as a goal.


Don’t believe it? The DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act    -  was passed by Congress due to the US signing a Treaty which FORCED us to change our laws to comply with the European’s idea of copyright rules and standards – The treaty was signed and approved done under President Clinton’s Democrat Congress.


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